“New York Fashion Week: Why I Gave in to the Chunky Sneakers Trend”

| Fashion

For a long time, I ignored the push to buy chunky sneakers. You know the ugly sneakers I’m talking about? The dad sneakers? The ones that look like you’ve got two pairs of shoes rolled up in one.

I’ve been seeing some designers showcase these shoes on the runway. And I was really hoping they’d go unnoticed and not become a “thing.” But now they’ve definitely turned into a thing.

I thought to myself, “These shoes are just a trend. They’ll go out of style in 2.5 seconds.” But I was wrong. All throughout New York Fashion Week, we saw celebrities, bloggers, models and everyone else in the city rocking the chunky sneakers. These shoes are here to stay. For a while.

So I finally gave in. I bought a pair of chunky sneakers. And the strange thing about it is that now I’m obsessed with them. I can’t get over how much I love these ugly shoes.

I decided not to splurge on an expensive pair because I always do that and then regret it months later when the shoes go out of style. There are some crazy designer pairs that cost around $1,000. But I bought the Jeffrey Campbell chunky shoes from Revolve, which cost me $150.

Whether you’re down to splurge or go for an affordable pair, I advise you to get some chunky sneakers in your closet. I don’t see this trend dying anytime soon. If anything, I think it’s only going to get bigger and bigger.

Here are some cool chunky sneakers that I curated for you guys: