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Glowtopia , Life and Everything in Between

Hey everyone!   Its been awhile since i have blogged, I have been so crazy with the launch of Glowotpia from my beauty brand, Diana Madison Beauty.   I wanted to to post this blog post and thank everyone who has bought Glowtopia,... Read More

Melt-Free Summer Makeup: Christen Dominique Palette

This past weekend, I was in Miami for Swim Week with Paradiso and Maaji swim. It was so hot in Miami that I felt like I was walking into a sauna just by being outside on the streets. But I was able to keep my makeup intact even through the... Read More

Gateway to Heaven : Hawaii

This past month, I went on a family getaway to Oahu. I hadn’t been down there sine I was a little girl. It was emotional for me to be there again because the last time I was there, it was with my parents. In Hawaii, I remembered all... Read More