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Hey everyone!
Its been awhile since i have blogged, I have been so crazy with the launch of Glowotpia from my beauty brand, Diana Madison Beauty.
I wanted to to post this blog post and thank everyone who has bought Glowtopia, followed the instgram page and subscribed to the youtube channel. It’s been an interesting 3 weeks since the product first launched and I am so humbled by everyones reactions.
I keep getting asked why I created Glowtopia and I thought this could be a good avenue for me talk about the product and its journey.
The idea of creating this product came to me around 3 years ago when I had my daughter Collette. I had just had her, she was a couple months old and I had taken a short trip with my husband and friends to Coachella. When I went to the festival the first night, there was nothing unusual that i did or ate. The next day I woke up to hives all over my body. I went and saw a local dermatolight in the area and I was told I have a bad case of eczema. I was surprised to hear that i had eczema only because i had never had any issues with my skin before.
The doctor advised me to go to Rite Aide and look into clean beauty products, clean detergents and start throwing out anything in my bathroom that wasn’t clean. Clean beauty? I was a little surprised, what the hell was that? Three years ago, it wasn’t a thing and there wasn’t much information about it. Atleast I had never heard of it. 
So I went to Rite Aide and was on the quest to find the right products to help my skin. When I went to Rite Aide I was disappointed in what I saw. The products looked archaic, was it effective? Yes! Did I want to tell people I used the product and proudly display it on my bathroom counter? NO!
I thought to myself, clean beauty looks gross, these products should look better. The entrepreneur in me was thinking, clean beauty doesn’t look instagramable. I cant help it, its the world we all live in.
As time went on and I was trying to figure out the eczema situation, my mom went to Morroco. When she came back she told me about the prickly pear seed oil and its amazing benefits for the skin. The prickly pear seed oil was rich in vitamin E and K. The prickly pear seed oil has other antioxidants that help nourish the skin. These antioxidants increase cell turnover, restore elasticity, brighten your complexion, and reduce redness and dryness. 
Although I saw many benefits using the prickly pear see oil, I hated the way the oil smelled and it was just too thick. By the time the oil dried, it was all over my clothes and just too oily. I kept thinking that I needed to make a blend for my skin that worked. I started playing around with oils in my bathroom. Just mixing it and playing around with it. After working with three labs in three years, I got an amazing formula together. Clean beauty, no silicone or alcohol and just enough elements to get your skin hydrated.
With eczema its important to always hydrate your skin. I wanted to not only hydrate my skin but give it that extra glow that I needed. I am a mom of a one year old and three year old. My skin is TIRED! As I am typing this I am struggling from not sleeping last night cause my son had a fever. So here I need that extra pick me up with my skin. Some people call my product a magical potion. Hearing that I take it as a compliment because I do think it helps the skin.
I use Glowtopia day and night after I clean my face. You can also mix glowotpia in your foundation or moisturizer. Its been so amazing seeing other makeup artist use Glowtopia in different and creative ways. From mixing it with their highlighter, to using it as a lip mask to using it as a hair gloss to help dry hair.
This product is a face oil but it has a multi purpose. I did a fun video where I talk about this journey more, which you can watch below.