Gateway to Heaven : Hawaii

| Personal

This past month, I went on a family getaway to Oahu.

I hadn’t been down there sine I was a little girl. It was emotional for me to be there again because the last time I was there, it was with my parents. In Hawaii, I remembered all the amazing times I had with my father, who no longer is with me.

It was relieving to actually feel emotions and miss the old days when I was the kid and didn’t have many responsibilities. With the acting classes that I’ve been taking lately, I’m learning how to feel emotions and react to thoughts and things.

I guess that for the past 10 years, I’ve been living a life where I try to hide my emotions or ignore it. We tend to look down on people who are emotional and think they are weak. Something I’m learning is that it was weak of me to ignore my feelings and hide them. I’m now learning to accept my feelings in the moment, both the good feelings and the bad ones. I feel like the more you keep the emotions in, the more harmful it is to your health.

In Hawaii, I was in a state of presence, taking in everything in the moment. It’s easy to forget to do that when you’re in hustle mode all the time. It felt good to put my phone away and not be so consumed about who did what on Instagram.

It also was so nice to get away with the family and spend time with my kids. I wanted to share some fun pics of my trip.