Momiform: School Kids Drop Off Outfit

| Fashion

I can’t believe school has started again. To be honest, it was tough managing my daughter Collette (2-and-a-half years old), my baby boy Christian (8 months old) and a career this summer. I was starting to run out of ideas for keeping Collette entertained. So I’m super excited to have her back in school.

With back-to-school season upon us, I wanted to share my go-to look for taking Collette to school. I know that, as a mother, I can’t dress the same way as I did when I was single in my 20s. But I still want to look cool and express myself. I love fun fashion, and I want to wear it without looking like I’m trying too hard.

I’m a denim girl. Nothing makes me happier than putting on denim that has a great fit. I recently got these cool jeans from the brand GRLFRND on Revolve. I love the way they fit. They’re not lowcut, so they work with my mommy body until I get those abs back! I also love the cool design on the side. It gives these jeans a special touch.

With the denim, I wore a plain white T-shirt from Zara that I bought for less than $15. I love this shirt and wear it all the time. I’m so excited that I get to wear a tiny shirt like this eight months post-pregnancy. I can’t rock a crop top yet, but I’m working out hard to get there.

When I drop off Collette at school, I’m usually running after her. So I can’t wear heels, because I would probably trip and tumble. That’s why I love these comfortable flats from Rebecca Minkoff. They have a pop of color that adds a fun touch to my casual look.

As for my purse, I think a backpack works best with the kids. I always keep snacks, diapers and anything you can imagine in my purse. There’s a lot of room in my backpack, and it’s really on-trend as well.

When it comes to the fashion I wear around my kids, it’s all about being comfortable but still on-trend. What about you guys?