Millenial Moms: Changing The Game of Motherhood

| Personal

With the latest surge of working mothers — I call us “mompreneurs” — older generations keep asking us what’s going on. My own grandfather, who’s in his 80s, asked me recently, “Why are you working? You just had your second baby, and your husband works. Let him take care of the bills.”

I’m happily married millennial mom, and my partner and I both work our booties off. I don’t need anyone to pay my bills for me. I can be a good mother and a successful entrepreneur at the same time. I created a studio all off of YouTube and currently produce 150 shows a week and host my own popular online talk show. I take my kids to work when I have to and work my schedule around them. It’s definitely not easy, but I am doing it.

We’re in an age of renaissance when women are recognizing that we don’t need to choose between being with our kids at home or going to work. Technology allows us more and more to achieve a work-life balance, working from home when necessary while raising a family. We can create companies while changing diapers.

Mompreneurs want to make something happen for themselves. They constantly ask me things like, “I’m really good at painting and sewing. What can I do with that?” With technology, you can do anything. You really have no idea what will be a hit these days, what with the easy access we all have to posting our work online. I know this firsthand, because sometimes I’m still surprised by which one of my interviews go viral, earning millions of views from people around the world. What most people don’t see is my kids who are somewhere behind the scenes as I film away.

I love seeing young moms like the Kylie Jenners of the world balancing motherhood while creating empires. For Generation X, motherhood sometimes meant that a woman’s career was over. I’ve heard so many stories about actresses in Hollywood who would stop getting roles the second they had kids. Now people celebrate motherhood and children. They reward you with praise and adoration for your accomplishments as a mom. For millennials, it’s become a process of getting creative and hustling.

Millennial moms are changing the way we see mothers. They’re cool, educated, talented and creative. I’m just curious about why it took so long for people to get to this point. Anyone who’s ever gone through labor knows that us woman are special and have superpowers. If we can go through labor, then we can most definitely work and have a baby.

So for all the millennial moms and moms in general who are reading this, know that I salute to you all and love having you all in my tribe. Let’s keep creating, keep inspiring and keep making it happen!

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