How I Spent My Mothers Day

| Family

I want to tell you about my Mother’s Day weekend. On Friday, I participated in a panel called “Dear Mamma,” hosted by rapper YG and my favorite fashion brand, Revolve. YG created the event as a dedication to his mother, who is a working mom.

At the event, people asked me a lot of questions about being a working mother. I talked about how my life changed for the better after the arrival of my daughter Collette. She opened unimaginable new doors for me. In my culture, they say babies bring good luck. With the events in my life since Collette’s birth, I truly believe that.

I also talked on the panel with other inspirational woman who are also working moms, hustling their way through to make a living and support a family. It’s always refreshing meeting like-minded people. These women inspired me with their stories. We all came from different walks of life but had a strong connection with the common denominator that we are all working mothers. 

We discussed the topic of mom-shaming and why it’s so important for moms to take time for our own self-care and pleasure, whether its getting a massage, turning it up, getting our nails done or whatever else relaxes and refreshes us. I told my story of when a Hollywood publicist mom-shamed me for going to Coachella. I was upset that the publicist criticized me for having a good time with my friends. It’s the same type of mom-shaming that Kylie Jenner went through. Just because we moms are away from our kids and enjoy ourselves sometimes, it doesn’t mean we’re horrible parents. It was so refreshing hearing other people’s stories and seeing how much I related to everyone. Thank you, Revolve and YG, for recognizing momtrepreneurs and showing us some love.

I spent Mother’s Day at home with my husband and kids. We had breakfast in bed, which was super fun with the kids. After breakfast, we all headed out to my mother-in-law’s house where we celebrated Mother’s Day in conjunction with my brother-in-law’s wedding. The weekend reminded me how important family is, and how everything I do has consequences. I have a little girl who follows every move I make, so it’s important for me to be a good role model for her. If I ever feel like quitting, I can’t because I have my daughter looking at me as an example.

I had an amazing mother of my own to look up to, so I know how it important it is as a mother to make sacrifices for your kids. My mother taught me to be strong and to always pursue my dreams. She instilled a good work ethic in me, and always pushed me to reach new heights. 

I really hope I can always make my kids proud. I love you guys!

Also, Collette and I shot a fun YouTube makeup tutorial to test out Kylie Jenner’s Stormi palette. Check out the video below!