“Me Time” Is Essential to Staying Sane

| Family

Finding “me time” as a working mother can be rough. I’ve learned some tricks on how you can bring the spa to your house and even spend 20 minutes to yourself to feel refreshed.


One thing I love to do is take a nice salt bath. The salt helps your body calm down and detoxes all negativity that you are suppressing in your body. It’s hard finding time during the day to do this. I usually wait until the kids are asleep to take a bath.

Clean Your Makeup

Nothing Feels better than cleaning your makeup and letting your face rest. I can’t explain how amazing it feels when I come home from work and I wipe the makeup off. Sometimes when I am super tired, I end up falling asleep with my makeup on. In order to avoid that, I take my makeup off the second I walk into the house.

Face Masks

Once I take the makeup off, I wear some fun face masks to relax my skin. It feels so soothing to have a skin that feels refreshed. 


At night after I’ve had a long day I like to drink camomile tea. Camomile helps you relax and calm the nerves after a stressful day. Every time I have trouble sleeping because I am too stressed out I drink organic camomile and it helps me ease into a deep sleep. 



There are a lot of cool apps to get massages at home. I have found a massage therapist that I like and use regularly. Since I haven’t been to a spa since I had the baby I bring the spa do my house. The prices are pretty affordable and even cheaper than going to a spa. You can also get other services like your nails as well at home.



Meditation is key to really relaxing the mind and body. You can meditate anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 daily. This is one thing that I’ve incorporated into my daily life.


Lately on my drive home form work I like to listen to calming music. I realize it makes such a big difference when I listen to meditation music or classical music. When I get out of the car I am more relaxed and at ease.


Candles are a great way to relax at home. I usually light some scented candles with lavender scent which are known to be very relaxing and sit down on my couch and catch up on my emails and reading.


I usually like to spray my house with scents that make me feel like I am at a spa.

Every night I spray lavender scent all over my pillow and sheets along with eucalyptus oil. This makes such a big difference on how I feel. Even my kids feel a big difference after I spray a room.