7 Things I Have Learned About Being A Mom

| Family

1) Start by having a child’s attitude

It’s important to start looking at life just like your infant does. When I wake up in the morning lately…I have the look of…oh no…here we go again. When my daughter or son wake up, they are excited to take on the world…they have the biggest smiles on their face. The more we act like  a child, the more we enjoy life.

2) Smile more

Your kids are watching and they go off of your energy, smile more and worry less… every day is a new day.

3) You will have many wardrobe changes in a day

I can’t explain how many times I change my outfit in a day with an infant…whether its poop, puke or just food…there’s always something getting my clothes messy. It is what it is and you just need to learn how to live with it. Don’t expect to look perfect with a newborn or toddler because it’s not going to happen. 

4) Patience

One thing I have learned is that patience is key to being a good mother. Patience to hoping they will sleep at nights, patience to hearing them talk, walk and being able to magically potty train themselves….I am really praying for the last one to happen lol.

5) You are the ruler of your home

I sometimes forget that I am the boss in the house. Someone my daughter Collette makes me forget that as she is a strong character. I had to do therapy recently where I learned that I need to take my power back from my children. I am the boss and if I say no ice cream it means no ice cream no matter how many tantrums I see.

This one’s a hard one and its a work in progress in my home.

6) Hugs cure everything

It’s interesting to see how hugs cure everything. Also, I love hugging my kids, I can hug my kids for hours.

7) You are your kid’s superhero

no matter how mad of a mother we think we are, our kids love us to death…well until they are teenagers and go through that phase where they hate their moms lol. Until then, don’t worry…no matter how hard things get, your kids are rooting you on.

What have you learned as a mother? Let me know below!