Summer Travel: 10 Packing Essentials

| Family

I went on a family vacation to Maui, Hawaii, last week with my husband and two children. Unlike past trips we took before we had kids, I couldn’t pack as much because I had to devote some luggage space to stuff the kids needed. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t still bring a few must-haves with me. Here are my top 10 summer essentials I couldn’t leave home without:

1. The perfect sundress

It’s always great to take the perfect sundress with you to wear all day and all night.

2. The perfect footwear

On our Hawaiian vacation, I wore my Chanel sandals at the beach, at lunch, at dinner, etc. The only other pair of shoes I had with me was a cheap pair of flip-flops I bought for less than $10. I always keep those in my beach bag in case I need to wear them and not dirty the designer flats. But in Maui, I never even wore the flip-flops; I wore those Chanels out!

3. The perfect romantic top

I love this beautiful romantic top by Lioness Fashion because it’s lightweight. I could wear it at the beach and throw it in my beach bag to wear during the day over my swimwear. But I also could dress it up at night. It’s pretty versatile and, best of all, the material won’t look wrinkled if it sits in your bag all day.

4. The perfect pajamas

I got these cool pj’s at a recent Victoria’s Secret event. I wore them not only to bed but in the mornings at the breakfast buffet too. Check out my video showing how you can wear the romantic top with the Victoria’s Secret pajama pants. You could even wear the pj’s alone at night with a pair of heels.



5. The perfect dress for the evenings

I think it’s smart to have one formal sundress for dinner dates at night or a party at the beach or club. I love this dress that my good friend Michael Costello designed for Revolve. My daughter Collette inspired this dress, and it’s named after her.

6. The perfect swimsuit

7. The perfect straw bag

I’m so obsessed with the Rebecca Minkoff straw bag that I went to the store and got one. The shape and colors of this bag are fantastic, and it’s the perfect size to carry all your essentials. Read my straw bag blog post for more!

8. The perfect shades

I took two pairs with me to Maui. One is an expensive pair that for wearing out. The other is a $10 pair that I wear to the beach. I don’t want to ruin my designer shades, and every time I take my sunglasses to the beach, they either breaks or the sand scratches the lenses. So I’ve learned the hard way hot to not ruin my glasses but still look fresh.

9. The perfect beach coverup

I like beach coverups that I can wear to the beach and at night. I tend to stay in the same clothes all day while going from the beach to lunch to touristic destinations. I love this Misa sundress that I got from Revolve. Misa Los Angeles is one of my favorite LA-based lines and a go-to for my summer travel looks.

10. The perfect hat

It’s important to shade your face from the sun. Wearing this hat from Hat Attack is a stylish way to do just that.

I bought it last summer, and it’s still on-trend for summer 2018. I like the “bon voyage” lettering on the brim. And it looks amazing on Instagram!