A Show That Teaches Kids Good Values: ‘True and the Rainbow Kingdom’

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It’s hard finding the perfect shows for my kids to watch. With toddlers, it’s not just about being entertained but educated too. Take “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” for example. I grew up watching that show, and it inspired me in many ways and taught me solid values I still carry with me.

A show that my daughter Collette loves to watch is “True and the Rainbow Kingdom” on Netflix. The second season dropped today, and my kids and I threw a big premiere party at our house. Collette and I attended the first season’s premiere at the Grove in LA, where we got to met Pharrell Williams, who’s an executive producer for the show.

That day was special because I was pregnant with Christian. Now I love that I get to sit down with both Colette and Christian (and my dog, Duke) so we can all watch the second season together.

Season 2 actually comes in two different series set in the world of “True and the Rainbow Kingdom.” They’re called “True: Magical Friends” and “True: Wonderful Wishes.” Both titles dropped on Netflix at the same time and consist of five episodes each.

I’m pretty sure Collette, Christian and I are going to binge all 10 episodes by the end of this week!

The series follows True and her best friend, Bartleby the cat. Together, they go on adventures to discover and learn while helping the fantastical citizens in their colorful universe of the Rainbow Kingdom. True is the only person who can harness the power of the Wishing Tree’s magic wishes to help the kingdom, and she always makes sure she can help.

What I love about this series is that it demonstrates love and positivity. The show uses empathy and kindness as problem-solving tools. This is a great way to instill children with a healthy and positive outlook for living in the world today. (To be honest, I believe adults can learn a lot too.)

The show also teaches kids important life lessons about things like treating the environment with respect and love, practicing mindfulness in everyday life, and pausing to consider consequences before acting.

These lessons will prepare our kids to tackle the diverse and ever-changing world in which they’re growing up.

“True and the Rainbow Kingdom” is the type of show I want Collette and Christian to watch, a show that has positive messages and meanings. Watch the trailer for the new season below.