The Present Is Female: Learn Why I Became An Entrepreneur

| Entrepreneur

I wasn’t born an entrepreneur, in fact…the idea of me being my own boss had never crossed my mind. I always dreamed of having my own TV show where I would host it like my idol, Oprah Winfrey. That was my goal…just get your face on TV Diana and do whatever it takes! 

So I started my career doing auditions and internships and trying to rise up that ladder. I wasn’t getting jobs on camera, I remember auditioning for shows on MTV that needed hosts and other entertainment shows. I would get so upset when they wouldn’t hire me. It would seem like the end of my life.

I have had two pilots for E! Networks…both of which I created the show concept, executive produced and was a talent in it. Both shows didn’t get picked up by E! Entertainment. I remember being devastated. I literally thought life can’t go on for me after this setback. I really felt like my dream of being on camera talent was crushed and it was never going to happen for me.

The reality is, I started my company Obsev Studios where I produce my online shows that I host along with 150 shows a week for Hollyscoop, Nerdwire, WTF Foods, The Fumble and print content for

I needed an avenue to showcase my talent because network execs didn’t believe I had what it takes to be on camera. That is how I became an entrepreneur…getting rejected over and over again led me to start my own company.

It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur and even better a female entrepreneur. Of course, do I still get setbacks and rejections…yes! However, I don’t need to rely on those jobs anymore, I have my own platform and it’s an amazing feeling knowing that I have control over my brand and image. 

I had to create a job for myself because I was tired of having jobs taken from me. I am a big dreamer and even more a hard worker. I didn’t want to sit there and wait for jobs to come to me, I wanted to create the jobs for myself. 

So if anyone out there is reading this and having difficulty doing what they love, my advice is to create the opportunity for yourself.  And as time goes by, you will realize some of the people who rejected you in the past will eventually want to work with you. It’s a full circle moment and the best feeling in the world.

So keep working towards your goals and be so damn good that people can’t ignore you.