How to Get Clients From Instagram

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I’m dedicating this post to one of my Instagram followers, Hanan Ismail (@glam_by_hanan). Hanan is a makeup artist, and she asked me how to get more clients from Instagram. She also wants to start a YouTube channel, but she’s nervous about it. So I’ll share my answers for Hanan and anyone else who has the same questions.

Let’s start with getting more clients on Instagram. Since Hanan is a makeup artist, it’s great to be able to see her makeup work on IG. If your expertise is in makeup, then do the obvious: Post makeup photos on Instagram. When I look for the work of makeup artists, I’m not looking for photos of things other than makeup. I want to see their aesthetic, style and technique. I also like watching videos because sometimes pictures can be deceiving.

There’s a lot of competition for makeup artists on Instagram. My advice is to showcase some trendy makeup looks that people would pay you to do for their events. For example, if the blue eyeshadow trend is in because we saw Kim Kardashian do it, then I’m sure someone will come to you and ask you to do that look for a wedding or event.

Makeup trends change all the time, so be sure you’re not doing looks that are out of style. Right now, it’s no longer cool to do super contour; it’s more fun to do the natural makeup looks or to have bright colors popping through your eyes. Look for the latest trends and use their hashtags to draw attention when you post them.

You can create your own trends too. It’s important to show the world how talented you are with your work, so don’t be afraid to try creative and unique looks. When I produced “Glam Masters,” I heard a lot of interesting stories about makeup artists who built large followings based on one creative look that went outside the box and started a trend. For example, Argenis Pinal, who won the season, was famous on his page for creating crazy comic looks.


If you want to build a name in your community, find ways to post sponsored posts for businesses in your area. This is a great way to have people and companies near you find out about your work.

Another great way to earn more followers is to collaborate. Work with other makeup artists to showcase both of your work in an entertaining way. Not only will you have fun, learn new techniques and develop creative relationships, but you’ll also be able to share followers with your fellow artists.

Now let’s talk about starting your YouTube channel. DO NOT BE NERVOUS. You’ve got this and I truly believe you can do it. If you are passionate about what you do, there is no reason to be afraid. Pursue your dreams with full force and make it happen.