How to Pack Like a Pro For a Weekend Getaway

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I am the type of person that usually takes two suitcases for a weekend getaway. Recently I decided that I was not going to drag excess clothes, shoes, and makeup with me because it gets tiring carrying all that “excess baggage”, especially when I am traveling with two kids.

This past weekend, I went away with the family to Manhattan Beach. It’s only 45 minutes from my house…so I told myself if there was anything important that I forgot I could come back home and pick it up. Also, I have a new rule when traveling…I don’t need to over pack…if I need anything I can just buy it when I reach my destination. Unless you’re flying to Croatia…one time I went off to Hvar, which is a beautiful Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. Now if you forget something at home, you won’t find it in Hvar. I didn’t pack my makeup in my carry on and boy did I learn the hard way. My luggage got lost and for three days I didn’t wear makeup. It actually felt good and I think my skin relaxed…but I couldn’t wait to get my mascara and lip-gloss back in my hands.

When it comes to vacationing, I don’t like wearing too much makeup. A little lip-gloss, mascara, blush and I call it good. I don’t like wearing cover-up. I just wear moisturizer with an SPF. I really like wearing the new skin glow duo by Girlactik on my cheeks in sunset or sun kissed.

You can see more of this product in the unboxing I did below on my YouTube channel.


I also packed my Stila Cosmetics Perfect Hue Eye & Cheek Palette in medium tan. This is the perfect palette because it’s multipurpose. I didn’t have to pack a blush or anything extra. Everything I needed for my face was in this palette. 

Sunscreen is very important when you are going on a vaca. I brought along Shiseido sun protection SPF in 50 and their SPF stick, which is easier to apply.

For the kids, I packed the baby organic SPF, I got a cool pack at Toys r’ Us that came with SPF, bug repellent, alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer and pure mineral sunscreen stick.

When it came to my wardrobe, I packed a few key transitional pieces that can take you from day to night seamlessly. I always like to dress up my outfits with accessories. I recently bought these hoops from Free People and I am beyond obsessed.


When it came to my swimsuit, I only packed two swimsuits. I only got the opportunity to wear my swimsuit once since it was pretty chilly this weekend in LA. I wore this cool ALBERTA FERRETTI  swimsuit that I had been holding on to for the perfect weekend! 


I also packed my cool Chanel sandals that I had been holding on to for awhile as well. It’s a neutral color and works with everything in my luggage.

I even packed this cool top that I got from Victoria’s Secret. It’s a top that you can wear with its matching pants set. It can be worn as an outfit outdoors or even as pj’s. You can wear it in the afternoon with short shorts and step it up a notch in the evening by wearing the matching pants. If you have a wild night with too much to drink, then you can just sleep in it.

I also took a beautiful cover up from one of my favorite brands Misa Los Angeles. The day I wasn’t in the mood to be in the swimsuit, I just wore this cover up. It’s super chic and a dress, which you can dress up in the evening with heels and wear it in the afternoon with a swimsuit underneath and slippers.


For my luggage, I recently got this cool space saver from Amazon for $20.00. It helped me organize my clothes, products, and essentials.

I have to be honest, it-felt good not packing too much stuff for a two-day getaway. Especially when I came home to unpack….it felt good not having too much stuff to organize and clean.