Get Ready With Me And My Bestie Jessica Hall

| Beauty

Hey, everyone! So I recently had my bestie Jessica Hall as a guest on “Style Lab.” But instead of giving you a typical makeup tutorial this time, I wanted this video to show Jessica and me doing something we’d be doing outside of the studio in our free time anyway. Namely, drinking rosé and chatting it up.

Jessica and I have been friends for years, and we’ve bonded because we were both pregnant with our daughters at the same time a few years ago, and both pregnant with our sons at the same time last year. I love and trust Jessica, and she’s my go-to for anything related to being a mom.

So check out this hilarious video if you want to see me and Jessica Hall get drunk together (me after just one glass of wine — I’m such a lightweight) and talk makeup. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had doing a makeup video! And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fun videos like this.