Vlog: My Incredible Chicago Adventure

| Travel

It was my first time ever visiting Chicago and it’s such a beautiful city with a ton of history! I have to admit though, it was DEFINITELY tough for an LA girl like me to get used to all the crazy wind!

One of the coolest things my husband and I did was go to the 3-star Michelin rated restaurant Alinea for my husband’s birthday. We waited FOUR months to get a reservation at this super upscale, fun, and swanky restaurant and were so excited to go!

We first learned about Alinea on Netflix while watching Chef’s Table and the story of the chef, Grant Achatz, is so inspirational. Grant was diagnosed with cancer and lost his sense of taste, but was able to use his life’s hardship into an inspiration. He created Alinea, where he literally plays mind games with every guest that dines there. Each plate looks like a work of art!

I also got to experience all of the cool shopping parts of the city and loved walking around the streets and checking out the cool art and architecture.

Overall, it was a quick trip but filled with many deep dish pizzas — literally, I ate deep dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and there are ZERO complaints on my end!

Check out the vlog below to see my full adventure!