A Special Mother’s Day Makeover

| Beauty

First of all, happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms out there! My amazing mom is only 55-years old and had me really young, but one of the greatest things about her is that she’s super-young at heart! When it comes to makeup, one of the questions she’s always asking me is how to contour her face! I always see these new products that magically show up in her bathroom — all the coolest makeup products and colors. She really wants to keep up with the times with makeup trends (do you see where I get it from?)

For Mother’s Day, I decided to have makeup guru Lusine Galadjian in the studio to show my mom how she can apply her makeup at home and make herself look 10 years younger!

Lusine gave such amazing tips that I want to try it myself — and most definitely will!

My mom loved her makeup in the end and I really do think she looked so much younger! Check out the full video below!