How Prepping for the Oscars Pushed Me Out of My Comfort Zone

| Beauty, Fashion

Even though award season is over, I’m still pinching myself that I walked the red carpet on Sunday with some of the biggest names in Hollywood! A lot of you have been asking just exactly how I prepped for the big day and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t a last-minute thing! I actually started prepping a couple months in advance — isn’t that crazy?

While I’m pretty good at keeping on track and fitting in quick workouts whenever I can (it’s not easy but you can do it!), I really upped my workout routine to make sure I was in the best shape possible for the big event. I’m a huge fan of doing yoga and pilates and hiking with my daughter, Collette, but I started working with a trainer, doing weights and even a little bit of boxing, which is SO fun! It honestly doesn’t even feel like you’re working out because it’s so fun, which I love — definitely makes the time go by faster, right? I also squeezed in some time at Shape House, which is basically a sweat lodge that makes you sweat all your toxins out — it feels amazing and I highly recommend trying it at least once!

On top of focusing on fitness, I did what I’m going to call an “imposter juice cleanse.” I say “imposter” because I didn’t only drink juice for weeks on end (that’s silly); I added a lot of lean proteins and veggies to make sure I was keeping myself healthy.

I’m actually really surprised I stuck with this whole plan — back before I had Collette, I had all the patience in the world to do these award show preps. I don’t know what it is now, but I have zero patience for this stuff! It was actually a really different experience for me!

And as always, I took extra-special care of my skin and hit up Ruth’s Skin Care for a microdermabrasion facial. I’ve actually been going there since I was 14 years-old! How crazy is that? It’s literally the best hole-in-the-wall skincare place in Hollywood! Also, I usually use their amazing Korean skincare masks at home, but of course, I ran out (doesn’t that always seem to happen?!), so I went to Target and picked up the Say Yes To Cucumbers Calming Sheet Mask and OMG, what a great drugstore mask!

Also, about a month before, I started working with stylist Jennifer Mazur, which was also a very different experience because she brought me out of my comfort zone. She made all of these little tweaks, like darkening my hair almost back to my natural color (I’ll show you all more of that tomorrow!) and going for a look I usually NEVER go for when it comes to award shows — natural makeup and hair swept off my face.

I’m gonna be honest: I was WAY out of my comfort zone and a little insecure at first. Here I was, standing next to some of the most beautiful people in the world, in a style and look that I basically NEVER wear. And even though no one likes to be thrown outside their comfortable little bubble, sometimes it’s the best way to get that extra push to grow a little! As the night went on, I got more and more comfortable AND confident. I realized that even if something seems a little scary or uncomfortable, you have to push through!

I honestly can’t thank you all enough for all the wonderful compliments on my look, but I need to be real for a second: I’m so excited to finally eat carbs again. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve had a carb since 2016 because of this whole prepping-for-the-Oscars thing! During a meeting yesterday morning, there were muffins and croissants galore and OMG, I’ve never been so excited to see a baked good in front of me.

And I really wanna know — how do you guys find ways to push yourself outside your comfort zone? Let me know in the comments below and happy Tuesday!