How I Got Into A Swimsuit 6 Months Post-Pregnancy

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Wearing a swimsuit can give a woman so much anxiety. But wearing a swimsuit right after giving birth goes beyond stressful. It’s been really hard getting my body ready for summer after giving birth to my second kid.

For some reason, things were a lot easier after I had my first kid, Collette. My body just isn’t the same the second time around. I haven’t lost the weight as quickly as the first time; it just sticks to my body.

I used to be so stressed out about my thighs and cellulite and waistline. But I can’t push my body to do things it’s not ready to do. My body’s not ready to give me four-pack abs. It’s just not in that state. Instead, it’s in the state of telling me, “Diana, I just delivered a baby. Give me time to heal.”

Still, I’ve been working actively over the last six months to lose the weight. From working out three times a week to watching my calories with every type of diet possible. I still have 10 more pounds to lose. What do I do?

I found out that the best way to look slimmer post-birth is to work with one-piece swimsuits. My body is just not ready to wear a two-piece suit. Here are some tips I learned to hold in the pooch and everything else.

Try tankinis if you need something to conceal a pooch. Many designers make control swimwear with material that offers extra tucking. It’s like wearing spandex as swimwear. If you’re shopping for two-piece swimsuits, go for high-waisted bottoms.

Try distracting the eye with prints or a belt. I got this swimsuit that literally cinched in my waist with its belt. I also bought some affordable, separate belts to make DIY belted swimsuits.

As I mentioned, I’m not comfortable wearing a two-piece swimsuit again yet. I just feel more at ease wearing a one-piece. It’s important for you to feel comfortable and stress-free in whatever you wear. We moms are under enough pressure already. The last thing we need right after giving birth is to worry about how we look in a swimsuit.

So the most important thing is to BE YOU. Because that’s when you look your best. When you’re comfortable in your skin, that’s when you’re prettiest.