How To Feel Sexy After Giving Birth

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It’s been a rough couple of months since I had the baby. I have been in promotions of Glam Masters my new show on Lifetime, finishing my book which I plan to publish in the next year, running my company Obsev Studios which I own with my husband and running around after two babies.

I haven’t had the traditional maternity leave and have been dealing with fatigue. I haven’t gotten much sleep since Christian was born, which makes me feel more worn out. When I am away from the babies, I am stressing out on how they are doing. When I am with the babies, I am stressing out if they are eating enough. I just feel like I am constantly stressed out and just don’t feel right.

Even when I am trying to fit into old jeans, I am stressing out. I don’t feel my best and can’t seem to catch a break. I decided to look into what I can do to feel good about myself. I want to feel sexy and beautiful. Something which I feel like I haven’t felt since before I got pregnant. I just feel like why can’t women feel both sexy and maternal. Why does it always feel like it has to be one and not the other?

Here are some tips that I have been doing to just feel good post giving birth.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone:

Recently I did something fun and stepped outside my comfort zone. I got a fun blonde platinum wig and went for it. I did fun glam and just decided to do a fun shoot for my instagram page. I honestly felt so good and sexy, even if it was only for a couple of hours. I think if you do something fun and silly, it could be good to not stress out for a couple of hours and just feel good.


Buy Something Sexy:

Recently I realized that I can’t just wait until I get to my pre-pregnancy weight. I decided to hit Zara and go to town on some cool fashion. I got a couple of looks that made me feel right. So many times we stress about losing the weight, that we don’t just enjoy the process and what we look like in the present moment. 

Give Yourself Credit:

Something we forget to do is give ourselves credit. We just created life and need to recognize that. That is a big thing and there is no time to stress out about what comes next. Lets enjoy the moment that we did something that was miraculous and give ourselves a tap on our shoulders. 


This is the most helpful thing for me to feel better. Every time I am beyond stressed out, I book myself a $40 thai massage. I get to stretch my body, release all tension in my back and atleast for 50 minutes relax and think about nothing.


I think every time we get into that zone of being stressed out and not feeling good about ourselves, I like to meditation for 5 minutes to 20 minutes max and just relax my mind and body. Life is hard as it is and it’s important to feed our soul with good thoughts and energy.

Date Night:

It’s important for our partners to support us in the process of getting our groove back. I love making date nights with my husband where we can go to a local restaurant for two hours, enough time to be away from the babies but not far enough to be gone all night. It’s so refusing spending time together and just chatting about life over a good glass of red wine.

Pull a Beyonce:

I read this online and tried it…it works. Put on some Beyonce music and shake that ass. Try it with the kids, they love it too. Something about Beyonce’s music and lyrics brings out the best in me. She gives me confidence and is LIFE.

Got any tips ?Let me know below on what you guys do to feel good and sexy post giving birth. Leave comments below.