My Top 5 Red Carpet Beauty Secrets Revealed

| Beauty, Lifestyle

Red carpet season is upon us.

This red carpet season hasn’t been easy for me considering that I just had a baby five weeks ago. I’ve gotten an overwhelming response from people on social media about how I got red-carpet-ready so quickly after the delivery. First off, thank you all for the amazing words of encouragement and support. I didn’t feel my best when I made my red-carpet appearance at the Moet Golden Globes pre-party. But I did some prep work beforehand to make sure I looked my best. Here are my secrets:

1. The perfect tan.
This is a secret I’ve learned from interviewing some of the most beautiful models in the world. Before stars and supermodels hit the big runways or red carpets, they always get a nice spray tan. But it’s important to not overdo it. Just get a light shade to give yourself a glow. A secret I’ve learned from Hollywood’s elite is that they actually don’t tan their faces. When you tan your face with a spray tan, it can get muddy when applied with makeup. I always try to do a very lightweight tan.

2. Shapewear.
Shapewear is the best armor for any red carpet. At the Golden Globes, I wore this beautiful Givenchy black gown. The material was made of jersey, which worked well with my post-pregnancy body, which was still carrying 25 pounds. I wore Spanx, which gave me an air of confidence. Spanx are jiggle-proof and hold everything in. It made me feel locked and loaded.

2. Skin preparation.
Before every red carpet, I get my famous facial at Ruth’s Skin Care in Los Angeles. I do a microdermabrasion treatment, then a facial with a mask. All of Ruth’s products are imported from the Dead Sea, and they work wonders on the skin. I also love having a super-hydrating intraceuticals oxygen facial. It truly makes my skin glow.

4. Detox and de-stress.
Before any big event, I like to take an Epsom salt bath to detoxify. I also have a dandelion-and-chamomile tea to drink away the stress. The chamomile helps calm and relax the body, and dandelion is a good diuretic, flushing out toxins and preventing water retention. A good massage the night before also goes a long way. It can help you feel less bloated.

5. You are what you eat.
Before a big red-carpet event, I stay away from sugar and salt as early as the night before to avoid looking puffy the next day. I also eat lean meat and lots of green veggies. The morning of an event, I replace coffee with a homemade smoothie. To keep my skin healthy and hydrated, I like to make it with foods high in nutrients, like spinach, kale, green apples, flax seed and coconut water. Watch my video where I make my famous “glow” smoothie: