How to Handle Mother’s Guilt When You’re Working

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ATTENTION: All working moms! I just wanted to let you know that you’re doing a great job and your kids are going to turn out just fine despite how many hours you spend away from them.

My own mother was a working mom and I was raised by my grandmother. And although I missed my mom while she was at work, it helped me build a strong relationship with my grandma — the woman who shaped my life.

However, as a working mother, I ALWAYS feel guilty about leaving Collette home while I hustle at work. Sometimes, I feel like I come up short by not doing enough. From being a good mom, wife, boss, friend, daughter, and sister — the list goes on! Do you guys ever feel like that?

I was warned about mother’s guilt by all my friends who were working moms, but nothing really prepared me on how bad mother’s guilt was. Check out some tips on how to battle this awful feeling, and hey, don’t worry — this is all totally normal, mommies!

Remind Yourself Why You Work

There’s really no way around this one — you gotta pay the bills! However, sometimes you can feel incredibly guilty for being away from your child, and that’s totally normal and okay! On top of taking care of the bills, keep in mind that you’re also creating a good financial future for your children, and also setting the example of working hard to achieve your goals for both your family and yourself.

Ignore Social Expectations

I sometimes find myself being judged by other people because I have a career and juggle motherhood. What I have to say about this is everyone has their own rules on how things should be, so stop letting social expectations pressure you! Do what’s right for you and your children!

Be Okay With The Reality That You Can’t Always Be 100%

Sometimes, I realize that there are days that I am 100 percent focused on being a mom, like on a weekend. Then there’s days where I feel like it’s 50 percent work and 50 percent motherhood. Don’t be hard so on yourself! While all moms ARE superheroes, we have to realize that can’t be 100%, all the time, every time, every day.

Be Present

I feel like you can be with your child 24/7 and NOT be present. Then again, you can be with your child half the day and be completely present and accomplish more! In life, I feel like you always must be present — enjoy where you’re at, who you’re with, and truly experience everything in real time. It’s the rule for happiness.