Alessandra Ambrosio Talks All Things Coachella, Diet, and Fitness in New Interview

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Alessandra Ambrosio, aka the QUEEN of Coachella, sat down with me for a special edition of The Lowdown last week to talk all things festival, diet, and fitness!

How gorgeous is Alessandra? No one does Coachella style better than her!

Every year, Alessandra brings her kids to the desert music and arts festival, which I think is so cool! She told me all about how she loves exposing her kids to great music, and also how her daughter loves to sing! She even said she might be performing this year — how amazing, right?

The Victoria’s Secret model also talked about the next big it-trend in fashion: bras and bralettes! Seriously, it’s such a fun and easy summer trend and honestly, who wouldn’t want to show off such a pretty piece of clothing? Alessandra also gave me the lowdown on what her Coachella essentials are and how to rock your best festival look in the hot, dusty desert.

To prepare for the festival, the stunning brunette beauty said she doesn’t crash diet to look her best, but eats healthy year round and also trains year round with celebrity fitness guru Tracy Anderson — even when she’s traveling!

Check out the full interview below to hear more about the Coachella queen had to say!