The Best Natural and Organic Food Products for Your Baby

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I never really understood the importance of choosing organic products, whether it be food, clothing, or beauty products, until Collette came into my world. It’s crazy because one day, you’re pretty much worrying about yourself, then suddenly, you’re responsible for another human! And of course, you don’t want to introduce them to any harsh chemicals, products, food, or anything of the sort. You want your children to be as pure and healthy as humanly possible! Check out some of my go-to organic baby products below!

Yummy Spoonfuls

Camilla Alves, who’s married to Matthew McConaughey and has three children with him, partnered with fellow mom, chef, and entrepreneur Agatha Achindu to create Yummy Spoonfuls, which is sold in Target. The baby food line includes flash-frozen food and meals for babies and toddlers and has no added sugar, juice concentrates, processed purees, or additives and is also non-GMO. The best part is that you can swoop these up on your weekly Target run!

Yummy Spoonfuls are affordable AND delicious!

Earth’s Best

You can’t really go wrong with any Earth’s Best products! Collette seriously cannot get enough of this stuff! She loves the Whole Grain Oatmeal Cereal, which comes in a variety of flavors, which is also great for introducing new tastes for your child. It’s also rich in iron and contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber to help keep your baby’s digestive tract running smoothly! You can purchase it from Amazon at a really cheap price, too!

Collette has a big appetite! I always make sure she gets the healthiest and most natural foods out on the market!

Hipp Formula

When Collette was drinking formula, my doctor recommended that I give her Hipp milk, which is the closest thing to breast milk. A lot of people try to make their own formula for their babies, and this is a great option! Kristen Cavallari actually told me that she makes goat milk with her doctor, since her kids are allergic to other types of milk. Pretty crazy that we can do that, right?

But now that Collette is drinking regular milk, I like to give her Horizon Organic Milk, which you can find at pretty much any health foods store, like Whole Foods.


Since I’m always on the go, I like to carry Plum Puffs in Collette’s bag because they’re the easiest snack to have when you don’t have a chance to sit down and make anything! I literally have these everywhere — the office, around the house, in the car — they always come in handy!

These snacks are LIFESAVERS! Collette loves them!

I also like to carry Peter Rabbit Organic fruit pouches with me — perfect for when you’re in a time crunch but your baby needs something easy and healthy.

So great for when you’re on the go!

MYOBF: Make Your Own Baby Food

Although this can take up a good chunk of time, I recommend making your own baby food at home! The best part about this is that you know EXACTLY what is going into your baby’s food, so there’s no worrying about hidden chemicals, pesticides, or anything like that! There are also amazing products to help you out, like baby food freezer trays (great for making big batches of food and saving them), blenders, and food thermometers to make sure everything is 100% safe for your baby to consume!

There’s nothing sweeter than fresh fruits and nothing more refreshing than veggies!

My little big eater!

What are some of your favorite natural products for your baby? Let me know in the comments!