If Mommy Guilt Has Been Stopping You from Living Your Life, You Need to Hear This!

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Mom guilt is real. Nearly all mothers experience it and for me personally, it’s something that is starting to take a toll on my life. I have been having a tough time with mom guilt ever since I went back to work after I had my daughter, Collette. 

All moms, even the most amazing, attentive and committed moms, feel at some point that they are not good enough. I was feeling these emotions this past Sunday, when I had to work for the Golden Globe Awards. My daughter was teething and it was difficult for me to leave the house seeing her in so much pain.

All I kept thinking to myself was how terrible of a mother I was for leaving her at home, while I was at a glamorous event like the Golden Globes. I was having massive separation anxiety and kept facetiming her to check up on her in between my red carpet interviews.

When I was chatting with actress Zoe Saldana on on the red carpet, I couldn’t help but ask her on how she handles “mother’s guilt.” Zoe has twins,&nbsp, Cy and Bowie, and was very helpful with the advice she gave. She said, “My advice to you while you’re out here is to enjoy the time that you have while you’re here. If something so important has to take you away from being with your children, then you  must enjoy it. I’ve been battling with this — being a working mom and everything. The best example you can give your children is to work, so they they take pride in working and learning and growing.” 

Those are some wise words from Zoe! It resonated a lot with me and although you can’t really get rid of mom guilt, you can remind yourself that it’s only a temporary feeling. After speaking to Zoe, I realized that I couldn’t really do anything but be present while I was at the Golden Globes. I started enjoying the process and in no time, I was home with my daughter, cuddling with her on the couch. 

What are your thoughts on moms guilt? If you’re a mother, how do you deal with it?